A community of public accountants interested in high-growth businesses

We are public accountants and finance nerds with first-hand experience building high-growth companies. We've built finance and accounting teams from nothing to support organic growth, acquisitions, sophisticated debt transactions and exits. We know the value that public accountants bring to professionalizing a business and unlocking its ability to reach next-level growth.

We also know the recruiting world is broken. We're working hard to create a marketplace for growth-minded employers to find growth-minded professionals that can raise the ceiling on a company's performance. We're using data science and technology, along with raw first-hand experience, to build a next-generation solution.

Founding Team

Scott Campbell

Scott’s professional background is based in building... building businesses, teams, partnerships and spreadsheets. He’s fortunate to have accrued an extensive and unique professional experience at a relatively young age, and has grinded rigorously to build upon opportunities offered.

Prior to Kill Busy Season, Scott launched and ran Integrit Ops, a search fund resulting in the acquisition of a business services company for which Scott serves in an advisor capacity. Prior to IO, he served as a finance-oriented senior executive with Spring Venture Group (“Spring”). From launch of Spring as a startup, through growth to nearly 1,000 employees, Scott wore many leadership hats across finance, accounting, analytics, legal (and making Costco runs). His core responsibilities were primarily leading all things finance and accounting, which included the build of high-caliber teams that pushed the firm through 8+ years of accelerated growth, sophisticated debt financings and equity transactions. None of that was possible without the tremendous team @ Spring which included the high-caliber professionals found from Public Accounting.

Outside of work, Scott has a wonderful wife and three young and very loud children. He serves as the president of the board for Growing Futures, a Head Start program. Scott attended the University of Kansas and earned an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.

Clint Myers

Clint started his career at PwC. After drinking from a firehose for a few years, Clint figured out that he wanted to pursue a career outside of a traditional accounting track. This led to working with numerous recruiters, none of whom truly understood (or cared about) his career goals. From the recruiters, Clint only received vanilla accounting jobs and pressure to interview for them.

After months of frustration, Clint ended up leaving PwC for the wrong job. He was miserable, spending only five months there (most of which was used to find his next job). Somehow, Clint lucked into an acquisitions role at a private equity platform. He spent three years there while deploying nearly $100m in capital. Since then, Clint has spent 6 years in the venture capital world investing in early-stage businesses.

Clint is immensely grateful for his experience in public accounting. He’s also thankful for the terrible experience he had leaving. That has led to where he is today, including starting Kill Busy Season to help others avoid his career woes.

When not working, Clint spends most of his time with his wife and two wild boys. Clint enjoys running, joking about being a “recovering CPA”, and is constantly behind on reading.

Jeremy Wolf

Jeremy’s private equity and entrepreneurial background fuel his drive to build the employer market and growth strategy for Kill Busy Season.  His previous experience leading middle-market transactions, along with ongoing advisory work for a portfolio of consumer services companies in the Midwest, offer Jeremy direct visibility into the value delivered to a company by high-caliber finance and accounting teams.

Prior to Kill Busy Season, Jeremy served as an Associate at Peak Franchise Capital, where he supported and led the execution of corporate transactions for franchise model businesses, which included buy/sell-side advisory, capital raising, restructuring/bankruptcy, and valuation. Jeremy also led Business Development efforts for the firm by building out a network and creating processes for generating deal flow. Prior to Peak, Jeremy worked in private equity, both originating and performing diligence on minority investment opportunities across an array of industries.

Outside of work, Jeremy stays busy with entrepreneurial initiatives. Jeremy has a Finance M.B.A. from the SMU Cox School of Business, where he was a Cain Denius Scholar, and has a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Kansas.

Parth Patel

Driven by his passion for analytics and technology, Parth uses his always-developing skill sets to help build businesses centered around data-driven decision-making. His experience includes analytical, marketing research, and due diligence work for startups and search funds. Additionally, Parth enjoys researching and writing investment thesis articles focused on analyzing technology opportunities within the public markets. A sample of Parth’s work can be found here.

Parth holds a B.B.A in Finance from the University of Missouri - Kansas City and is pursuing his CFA designation. In his free time, Parth enjoys playing golf and spending time with friends and family.