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This position is similar to other area private equity positions in the sense that it is very demanding and returns an experience that will accelerate your professional career. The difference here is the firm's investment focus. CPC is ultimately a rebranding of C3 Capital which is also a top 3 PE firm in KC. C3 Capital leveraged SBIC funding as part of its investment funding. With SBIC funding comes compliance / reporting that has become restrictive toward C3's ability to optimally execute upon its thesis. Given the restriction of SBIC funding, C3 is moving its people and operations into a new operating private equity firm under the brand of CPC which will not include SBIC funding. CPC's investment thesis will be in 'permanent equity', meaning... the company will not have the traditional 7-year window in which it must liquidate a portfolio company. CPC's window to liquidate an investment is now effectively limitless and allows them to make long-term investment decisions.


KS - Kansas City

Job Description

CPC is looking for an associate to join the CPC team and be involved in the start-up and operation of our permanent equity company. CPC is starting operations in 2021 and combines C3 Capital and Curran Companies, which have multi-decade investment track records and a long-time Kansas City presence. CPC has partnered with investors to form a permanent equity company that will focus on making 8-10 control buyouts of US-based companies with the option of holding these companies for an indefinite period. CPC is not a fund and is looking to build a perpetual base of talent that will execute on the CPC vision into the future and assist in creating value for investors and portfolio companies.

CPC matches some of the qualities of private equity with a perpetual capital base that will allow CPC to buy, build and hold companies and benefit from the principle of compounding. Compounding is the most incredible tool available to investors, and we believe this applies to our people as well. We are looking for team members that can illustrate the competencies necessary for the position and marry that will a long-term approach and ample opportunities to develop personal and professional skills that will help perpetuate the CPC vision of long-term growth. If you are looking for a place to grow and enhance your personal and professional skills in an investment environment, CPC could be the place for you.

Job Requirements

A candidate for this position would expect to be able to illustrate the following capabilities:

Job Responsibilities

As an associate on the CPC team, you will be tasked with:


Our mission is to buy, build, and hold great businesses, with a focus on innovation, workforce development, and the adoption of new technologies and supply chain improvements. CPC deeply believes in the power of compounding returns, and that the best way to grow wealth over time is by investing in great businesses. Our perpetual structure enables us to hold such businesses for the long term, exiting when it makes sense rather than on a fixed timeline. Our strategies, based on what we call the Flywheel for Perpetual Value Creation, are designed to create defensible, long-term value for the benefit of our Company, our shareholders, employees, customers and communities.