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Investment Banking Associate

The DVS Group

Kansas City, KS / MO

Kill Busy Season Take

The DVS Group does not make investments or manage companies... but facilitates the transaction of companies. The DVS Group acts as an investment bank, helping buyers to find, diligence and transact upon the purchase of another company. For more detail on The DVS Group, see our recent interview here with Mandy Prather.

This experience too is very heavy in Excel. You will need to bring massive attention-to-detail, the willingness to work very hard and the desire to get an expedited education in transaction services. In return for the hard work, you'll receive an immense exposure to all kinds of industries, transactions, executives and business strategies.

  • Reports to Mandy Prather and Kevin Lindsey, Managing Partner
  • 2 to 4 yrs. professional experience
  • Our internal comp projections @ $100 to $120k
* Comp figures, if included above, are estimates made by the KBS team using internal assumptions and conversations with the employer. Figures are dependent upon experience and subject to change.
Job Description

You'll serve as a central contributor on every transaction. Through ongoing client interaction, lean teams with extensive junior-senior collaboration, and best-in-class deals, you?ll develop critical skills and expertise.

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The DVS Group

The DVS Group is a lower middle market merger and acquisition firm, that concentrates on buyer representation. The majority of our deals involve companies with an EBITDA range between $500,000 and $5 million. This niche is too large and complicated for most business brokers, and too small for most investment banks. But, it's perfect for us. Dominated by individual entrepreneurs and privately-held businesses, the lower middle market is always very personal. Closing a deal is often more dependent on navigating the various personalities involved in a transaction than the depth of pockets. Although it is undoubtedly more difficult (but well worth it), we consciously choose to represent buyers. We have seen the importance of connecting world-class talent with businesses ready to reach the next level. We are in business to help people get in business. This is not to say that we do not work with companies trying to achieve their goals, though. Roughly 80% of our firm's business is in representing buyers, while 20% of our business is in representing sellers. We have helped many business owners through the process of restructuring debt, helping with management team buy-outs, or in the sale of their company, and then getting it done for our clients. The DVS Group is a lower middle market merger and acquisition firm. Our transaction focus is on companies that produce between $500,000 and $5 million in EBITDA.