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Five Elms

Kansas City, KS / MO

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Job Description

Five Elms is a leading private equity firm investing in world-class B2B software companies - We are investing out of our $780 million fifth fund and have $1.5B+ in assets under management; we typically invest $5 - 75 million in each company. Post investment, we actively support management teams in accelerating revenue growth, building out the senior leadership team and further cementing their position as industry leaders. Founded in 2006, we've grown to 60+ employees and invest globally out of our Kansas City headquarters and Lisbon, Portugal office. Portfolio company investments range from Paris to Cape Town, Arkansas to Nebraska, and Los Angeles to New York - Our best investments are in software companies with strong company cultures as well as a customer base of users who love the company's product. We offer a unique opportunity in private equity Five Elms offers candidates a unique private equity opportunity, without requiring years of investment banking or management consulting experience. Our Analyst Program focuses on development of top finance graduates through training, mentorship, direct interaction with entrepreneurs, and exposure to all aspects of private equity investing. We have a reputation for working with analysts to develop skills that will rapidly propel them forward in their careers. Former analysts have been accepted into top MBA programs and have joined portfolio companies. We also have a very strong track record of promoting from within.

Job Responsibilities

In this role, you will dig into the inner workings of hundreds of businesses each year and gain meaningful experience in all aspects of private equity. This role is similar in nature to Investment Banking Analyst programs but with more freedom, creativity, and hands-on investing experience. Get involved with deals. You will meet with CEOs and be exposed to the full lifecycle of a deal including the investment evaluation process, negotiation, due diligence, and market/industry research. Build operating and financial models. Data comes in disparate formats, sources, and currencies - all with some level of ambiguity. You will manage complex data sets and formulate insights that will help the team make investment decisions. Develop and present investment memos. All our work comes together in an investment memo, which lays out the full qualitative and quantitative analyses of a deal including opportunities, risks, financials, and merits of a transaction. You will work with the team to create these memos and present findings and recommendations to the Investment Committee. Mergers & acquisitions. Many of our companies grow through M&A in addition to organic sales and marketing activities. You will learn how to identify targets, structure, and negotiate acquisitions, and support post-acquisition integration. 

Job Requirements

Five Elms

Five Elms Capital is a global growth equity firm that invests in fast-growing B2B software businesses that users love. Five Elms provides capital and resources to help companies accelerate growth and further cement their role as industry leaders. Since firm inception in 2007, Five Elms has focused exclusively on software investing, building an unmatched network and deep domain expertise. Today with $1+ billion AUM and a global team of over 50 investment professionals, Five Elms has invested in more than 40 software platforms globally.