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VP, Finance & Accounting

George J Shaw

Kansas City, KS / MO

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Job Description

In 2021, George J. Shaw Construction (est. 1928) and Site Rite Construction (est. 1992) merged their companies. George J. Shaw is a leading specialty subcontractor in earthwork and concrete in the commercial and industrial markets. Site Rite is a utility contractor specializing in sewer and water line construction on commercial, residential, and municipal projects. Together, the companies work on a wide range of some of the largest construction projects in the metropolitan Kansas City area.

We are looking for a Director or VP of Finance & Accounting to be a part of a growing organization. We expect this hire to grow into the CFO within a short period of time.

Our company provides an exciting and dynamic environment with opportunities to learn and to form lifelong relationships.  

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George J Shaw

George J. Shaw Construction Co. has been serving the greater Kansas City metropolitan area since 1928. As GJS closes in on its 89th year, a lot has changed since our humble beginning as a hauling contractor.

George J. Shaw Construction Co. provides earthwork, demolition, concrete flatwork, and structural concrete construction to commercial, industrial and public concerns throughout Missouri and Kansas.