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Professional Growth Manager

Kill Busy Season Take

This is an incredible growth opportunity for someone who wants to apply their public accounting background in a unique way. This is a community-facing position where you'll help guide other public accountants it their next career decision. Ideally, this person has 2+ years experience at a public accounting firm.

We see this position growing into a chief of staff role. You will be exposed to every facet of running a data-driven startup. We have raised a small amount of investment capital and will be cash-flow positive in short order. We will reinvest cash flows to scale the business and accelerate growth.

Comp DOE but includes:

  • Salary from $70k-90k
  • Bonus structure
  • Equity

We're working to change the way employers view public accounting professionals. Public doesn't mean accountant forever... it is a tremendous launching pad for professionals to pursue and accomplish so many different feats.

Join us as we re-stereotype CPAs.

Kill Busy Season

KS - Kansas City

Job Description

If you have a public accounting background, are energized to help people professionally, enjoy building relationships, and are interested in joining a tech and data-driven early-stage company… keep reading.  

We need someone that genuinely cares about the professional development and career fit for our finance & accounting community members. In this role, you will be responsible for adding value to the lives of finance and accounting professionals by helping them navigate new career opportunities.

What you will do in this role

  1. Will be on the phone 3 to 4 hours per day building relationships with professionals with a public accounting background (mostly inbound requests from professionals). You will be trained and trusted to give them career and job-fit guidance that is in their best interest.
  2. Help build an engaging community of high-caliber finance and accounting professionals. We are building a digital community that is focused on adding value to these professionals. We need your help with the strategy and tactics to do this at its very best. 
  3. Help build scalable processes so we can add value to many professional lives. We are a technology and data-driven business. We are building a platform to serve big numbers of public and ex-public professionals.


  1. Unwavering integrity & zero ego
  2. Must be a self-starter (not an order taker - always curious and wanting to improve)
  3. You are energized through engaging with people


You Will Love This & Succeed If

  1. You like to drive improvements and see the results of your own contributions
  2. You are authentically people-first --motivated by building long-term value and relationships, not by quick wins
  3. You are a finisher -- you follow through until something is complete
Job Requirements




Job Responsibilities

Role Responsibilities

  1. Be articulate & engaging. You’ll be the first point of contact when a professional reaches out to KBS for help. You will need to articulate the KBS value prop (how we can help) and manage expectations. Your success will be dependent upon your engaging personality, professionalism, and ability to connect.
  2. You will be a coach. These professionals are coming to us with a request for help. We need to be able to help them! You must be able to coach them through resume pointers, career path suggestions, market feedback, among other things.
  3. You will build. We are early stage with notable traction and high-growth aspirations. We are hiring you to help build and reach those aspirations. We need solid business practices to do so. You will be a thought leader in how we collect, manage and utilize data, and a hands-on leader measuring and testing those thoughts.


Our business is rapidly evolving. You will need to be adaptive, thoughtful and focused as we continue to breakthrough old practices and legacy competitors. You must be ready to roll up your sleeves.  

With growth will come opportunity. We are hiring you as a leader now to help us build. As we build and grow, we need you to also have the desire to build and grow professionally.

Kill Busy Season

Kill Busy Season is a 21st century talent marketplace. We are hyper-focused on matchmaking between (a)high-caliber professionals with a public accounting background, and (b)high-growth employers (typically those with backing from alternative investment firms). We use technology and brand to drive value for our customers.