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LAGO Innovation Fund

Chicago, IL
New York, NY
San Francisco / Oakland, CA

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Why we like this      

  • On the verge of a significant capital event which will fuel career opportunities within the fund and expand investment capabilities.  
  • High exposure and mobility within a team of 9
  • Strong track record with deployment of first two funds (40 port. co's)

LAGO Innovation Fund

LAGO Innovation Fund is an entrepreneurially minded 2 year old fund that provides venture debt financing and equity funds to growth stage companies.Their tailored debt structures allows upfront growth capital with more flexible terms than a traditional credit provider and prolongs the period between future equity raises and debt refinancings.

LAGO has invested in industries like Mobility, Gaming/eSports, Health & Wellness, Food & Beverage, and eCommerce.

The Role

  • Leverage coastal network to source growth-stage software and tech-enabled investments
  • Lead new investments from sourcing to close with support of VP/Associates
  • Understand the underwriting of credit deals within high growth businesses

KBS expectations are $475-620k all-in dependent upon experience. LAGO has not shared comp and it will be at the discretion of the employer.

* Comp figures, if included above, are estimates made by the KBS team using internal assumptions and conversations with the employer. Figures are dependent upon experience and subject to change.
Job Description

The Investment Principal will primarily be responsible for sourcing and leading diligence for early stage SaaS and tech-enabled investment opportunities.

Job Responsibilities
Job Requirements

To be successful in the Investment Principal role, candidates should be:

Desired Qualifications

LAGO Innovation Fund

LAGO invests in companies that disrupt the status quo in their native industries or creating de novo markets through the offering of products, services or technologies, or by creating novel tech-enabled business models. We believe that virtually every corner of the economy is undergoing substantial disruption, and LAGO supports innovative companies across industries with bespoke growth capital solutions that align with contemporary business models. LAGO primarily provides venture debt financing customized to meet your particular needs as you scale your business, be it working capital, asset purchases, operating expenses, acquisitions, or other strategic growth initiatives.

Taking a holistic look at your business, our term loans are structured based on multiple factors relevant to your business, which often leads to structures that provide more upfront growth capital with more flexible terms than your traditional credit provider would offer. Our debt products are designed to work in concert with sponsors' existing equity investment, at a lower cost and dilution, to prolong the period to future equity raises and debt refinancings. Additionally, LAGO can provide equity support alongside sponsors through minority equity co-investments.