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VP, Real Estate Business Development

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Nueterra Capital

KS - Kansas City

Job Description

This role is responsible for overseeing business development and finance activity for Astoria Healthcare Properties ("Astoria") and its investments including client relationships, sales, and finance. This role will secure business opportunities and growth in new markets by financing and syndicating real estate companies and managing the execution of real estate development and project management agreements.

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Nueterra Capital

Nueterra Capital is a growth-oriented venture capital firm that invests in early and growth-stage healthcare companies. In 2002, we started making private equity investments with an exclusive focus on healthcare. We were founded to empower entrepreneurs ‚ to equip innovative minds with the capital, resources and expertise to help drive change in the healthcare industry. Along with our portfolio companies, we've raised more than $225 million from investors and have invested in more than 100 companies. By aligning our current companies with investment capital, we help their business expand and create new growth opportunities.

A national healthcare real estate development firm, Astoria Healthcare Properties transforms the way physicians do business, care for patients, and manage their property investments. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nueterra Capital, a private equity firm that invests in early and growth-stage healthcare companies, Astoria creates investment opportunities through effectively designed, high-quality healthcare facilities that contribute to improved outcomes. Combined with the firm's affiliate relationships, Astoria works side-by-side with operational management to draw on shared market data and industry best practices to maximize facility efficiencies.