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Operations Analyst

Palmer Square Capital Management

Kansas City, KS / MO

Kill Busy Season Take

  • Proven team that has successfully grown the company from $8.5B to $22B AUM in 3 years
  • Leading global issuer of CLOs in 2021
  • Opportunity to work in a high-growth environment while earning competitive comp.
* Comp figures, if included above, are estimates made by the KBS team using internal assumptions and conversations with the employer. Figures are dependent upon experience and subject to change.
Job Description

Founded in 2009, Palmer Square Capital Management LLC (Palmer Square or the Firm) oversees approximately $22 billion in assets under management and specializes in structured credit (e.g, CLOs and ABS/MBS), corporate credit, and other opportunistic credit mandates. The Firm offers an extensive platform of products which includes private funds, managed CLOs, mutual funds, separately managed accounts and a business development company to a varied client base including institutional clients, registered investment advisors, broker-dealers, and family offices / high net worth individuals. Palmer Square benefits from a veteran investment team with a strong performance track record across strategies and an accomplished management team within over 20 years of experience in the industry. The Firm has approximately 47 employees with offices in Kansas City and London.

Palmer Square is currently seeking qualified candidates for an Operations Analyst role based in our Kansas City area office.

Job Responsibilities

Job Requirements

Success Factors Include:

Palmer Square Capital Management

Founded in 2009 and based just outside of Kansas City, Palmer Square Capital Management is a boutique investment manager specializing in corporate credit and structured credit, currently managing approximately $20.6 billion across various vehicles and strategies for a diverse set of clients that includes institutions, family offices, and registered investment advisory firms (as of 12/31/2021).

Our investment team has over a decade of experience working at top investment firms and directly investing opportunistically in credit. Our backgrounds include deep experience in credit, hedging, alternatives, equity, and risk management.