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Struck Capital


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Why We Like This

  • $100 million evergreen crypto fund with notable investments in Mythical Games, Zero Hash, 1 Inch, Terra, Algorand and Reserve
  • Reports directly to Managing Partner with opportunity to accelerate into the partner role
  • In person or remote work environment with opportunity for carry

Summary & Business Model

Struck Capital Crypto is a $100mm evergreen fund that is associated with the broader Struck Capital group, which invests in seed stage software companies. There is collaboration between the seed fund and the crypto fund, but they are otherwise separate.

In just 4 years, Struck Capital Crypto has shown impressive returns with the average dollar invested in the fund in 2017 now being worth approximately $12.73.

Associate Role

Struck Capital Crypto is seeking an Associate that is looking for the opportunity to grow into a partner at the fund. The Associate will primarily be responsible for staying ahead of trends in the crypto and blockchain space and evaluating investment opportunities through financial due diligence.

Role highlights...

  • Create sourcing channels and evaluate investment opportunities
  • Manage relationships with crypto portfolio companies
  • Attend crypto related conferences, hackathons, interviews, and demo days

Comp expected @ $150k to $175k + Carry Discussion

* Comp figures, if included above, are estimates made by the KBS team using internal assumptions and conversations with the employer. Figures are dependent upon experience and subject to change.
Job Description

The associate will help run Struck Capital's $100mm evergreen crypto fund, reporting directly to the Managing Partner. This role has a direct opportunity to grow into a fund leadership role. The ideal candidate will bring a desire to get hands-on training and experience sourcing and evaluating potential crypto deals (or direct experience sourcing and evaluating deals in a past role as an investor).

Job Responsibilities
Job Requirements
Struck Capital

Struck Capital is a next-generation seed-stage venture capital firm based in Los Angeles. We support visionary founders that leverage core technology innovation to tackle the world's largest problems. We lead seed investments sourced idiosyncratically through our robust network.