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VantEdge Partners LP

Kansas City, KS / MO

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Why We Like This
  • PE shop with focused but flexible investment parameters (tech, services, Boston Celtics)
  • Family Office culture with frequent direct engagement with founding partners
  • Broad-ranging responsibilities from deal screening thru acquisition & bolt-on work

The firm's founding partners are Paul Edgerley and Terry Matlack. Mr. Edgerley has been a managing director with the $75 billion global investment management firm of Bain Capital, focused primarily on private equity investments. He has been with Bain since receiving his MBA in 1988. Mr. Matlack was one of the founding principals of Tortoise Capital Advisors, a $20 billion investment manager specializing in listed energy investments. He has been involved in various investment companies since receiving his joint Law and MBA degrees in 1982.

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Job Description

VantEdge invests in platform companies in a variety of sectors including:

  1. Home and commercial services,
  2. Industrial,
  3. Multi-location restaurant / consumer concepts,
  4. Health service, and
  5. Sports and Entertainment.  

VantEdge deploys investment capital provided by its founders, which is flexible with regard to structure and with a long-term investment horizon. The company's goal is to invest $750 million to $1 billion over the next five to seven years, making VantEdge among the largest private investment companies in the Midwest.

VantEdge focuses primarily on control opportunities with investment sizes ranging from $25 to $75 million. VantEdge's overriding investment thesis is to assist companies in achieving full growth potential through a collaborative, engaged style. The eleven-member team at VantEdge possesses strategic and operating expertise, plus a proven track record of success. It works with portfolio company executives to implement growth and profit margin enhancement and, when combined with needed capital, creates long-term value that is sustainable and scalable.

VantEdge is seeking an Associate to join its investment team. The Associate will support all aspects of the investment process, functioning as an integral part of the investment team. Among other requirements, the Associate will be responsible for financial modeling, industry research, and performing various analyses that drive investment decisions under the supervision of Senior Associates and other personnel of VantEdge.

The Associate role is a three-year position with VantEdge.

Job Responsibilities
Job Requirements

Successful candidates should possess the following qualifications:

Successful candidates should exhibit the following:

VantEdge Partners LP

Based in metropolitan Kansas City, VantEdge Partners is a private investment group focused on building partnerships that grow excellent companies. Our extensive experience, partner-first mentality, and results driven approach is at the core of how we help businesses grow.

We invest in platform companies in a variety of sectors including: Industrial, Services, Distribution, Restaurants, and Sports & Entertainment. Our initial equity investments range from $20-$75 million or involve a strategy to deploy that investment as the company grows.