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Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst

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Virtus Insurance

KS - Kansas City

Job Description

Virtus is focused on building a next generation insurance agency. Included in that vision is the continued use of data and analytics to drive the business forward. The company is looking for it's first Business Intelligence hire to help the company utilize it's many data sources to uncover opportunity to further drive the company forward. The firm is very focused on data-driven marketing and sales, and needs a leader in the Business Intelligence community to help build a platform, alongside the executive team, that can fuel continued growth. This role will work directly alongside the entire executive team.

Job Requirements

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Job Responsibilities
Virtus Insurance

Virtus is actively seeking a business operations leader to deliver process improvement solutions throughout the company by leveraging appropriate tools, to develop sustained improvements that help management achieve business goals and yield increased financial return.

Asa Manager of Business Process Improvement, you will lead the continuous improvement process with respect to connectivity, cost, quality and productivity throughout the company to increase client satisfaction and reduce operating cost. You will have the opportunity to act as a change agent liaison that spreads the mindset of continuous improvement and innovation.

This position is also accountable to raise the level of automation using technology and processes that combine all functions within the organization, to define and enforce consistent processes within the operational organization. This role continuously explores opportunities to improve processes and increase value add to the business, develop risk knowledge/expertise as necessary to engage/advise in project and business decisions.

Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, you will typically be implementing continuous improvement projects in the organization and/or mastering multiple projects.This position has a high level of visibility across the organization andCorporate Leadership Team.